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The Tony Tomkinson
Spiral Horned Antelope Award

Sponsored and presented by A.P.H.A. Honorary Member CHRISTOPHER KINSEY, in honor of the late P.H. Tony Tomkinson.

The spiral-horned antelopes are renowned and admired for being elegant, poised and regal.  Readily recognized and held in high esteem.  Alluring characteristics that make them sought after and symbolic of safari hunting programs from the most general to the most specific, by beginning hunters on up to those with vast experience.  


In that same spirit and style, the APHA Spiral-horned Award will annually honor a member whose social media presence consistently delivers stories of conservation through hunting, and the importance of sustainable use of our precious, widely beloved wildlife and natural resources in Africa.  Distinctive, attractive posts that appeal to a wide range of audiences.  And just as it takes proper time and conditions for a spiral-horn to reach maturity, illustrate the importance of long-term commitment and dedication to responsibly and respectfully representing the professional hunting industry and the various ways it contributes to nature’s future.  


The competition is open to all APHA full members who are currently licensed professional hunters in good standing, who can nominate themselves or be nominated by others.  

THE RECIPIENT:  Must be a full A.P.H.A. member.

DEADLINE: November 31st for each calendar year.

THE TROPHY:  A beautiful bronze set on a walnut base created by world renowned artist, avid hunter and A.P.H.A. Honorary Member T.D. Kelsey. 

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