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The Selous Award

In collaboration with Dallas Safari Club, the A.P.H.A. is thrilled to present The African Professional Hunter's Association Selous Award.

The A.P.H.A. annual Selous Award will recognize a hunter who has a deep-rooted passion for African Hunting. This award will have nothing to do with trophy sizes or numbers. Instead it will be based solely on a hunter's inherent desire to ethically hunt African game and his/her abiding love for African wildlife. 

No one can recognize the true intentions of why a hunter is hunting our beloved continent better than the African PH's themselves. That is why the winner of the APHA Selous Award will be decided by Africa's top PH/s, the members of the A.P.H.A.

The award itself is an exceptionally stunning piece of art created by world-renowned artist, A.P.H.A. honorary member, and passionate African hunter – TD Kelsey.

The next awarding of the A.P.H.A. Selous Award will take place at the 2024 Dallas Safari Club.

For more information on this award contact the A.P.H.A. executive officer

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