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Executive Committee 

2021 - 2024

President: Mike Angelides

Vice President: Paul Stones

Secretary-General: Graham Jones

Treasurer: Sean Kelly

Board Members

Michel Manthiakis

Lance Nesbitt

Jeff Rann


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Each Committee member brings a wealth of industry experience and knowledge to the association, from differing backgrounds but with the same inspired passion for hunting and conservation.


President: Mike Angelides

Mike Angelides, has a lengthy history with the A.P.H.A. For the past 3 years, he was the Vice President on our board. Mike previously held a board member position. Before that was the APHA Executive Officer, his other committee experience includes leadership positions as Secretary-General of the Tanzania Professional Hunters Association (TPHA), Secretary General of Tanzania Hunting Outfitters Association (TAHOA), and assistant vice President of the Dallas Safari Club.


Vice President: Paul Stones

Vice President Paul is a wildly respected advocate for responsible hunting and is also a talented writer. With over 30 years in the African hunting industry, Paul will bring an informed, direct and candid perspective to the Executive Committee.


Treasurer: Sean Kelly

Sean is also the current Chairman of Custodians of Professional Hunting and Conservation of South Africa. Sean is the youngest of our committee but is a very well-respected professional hunter and has been an active member since joining the association. With a keen business mind, he will undoubtedly keep our finances in order. 


Secretary-General: Graham Jones

As Secretary-General, Graham will play an integral role in keeping the association on track and the members informed. Having hunted in many African countries, Graham brings over 30 years of experience as a professional hunter and outfitter to the committee. As a founding member of SAMPEO, Graham is an advocate of ethics and old school traditions, he strongly supports apprenticeships and Role Model Programs that are key to teaching and giving initiative to our future hunters.

Board members:


Michel Mantheakis

Michel Mantheakis, current TAHOA Chairman and former Secretary-General of TPHA Michel, has led the way for ethical and responsible hunting in Tanzania for many years, highly respected in the African hunting industry. Michel’s experience with live debates and public speaking on the international conservation stage is a valuable asset to our committee.


Lance Nesbitt

Lance Nesbitt has served on the Zimbabwe Professional Hunters and Guides Association committee in various positions since 2009 and is the immediate past Chairman. Lance has hunted throughout Africa and is an experienced walking safari guide and cattle rancher. 


The APHA is excited to have this vibrant team, but we also recognize the achievements of those who have moved on from the executive committee. We would not be where we are today without the very significant contributions of Jason Roussos (our former President) and Jeff Rann (one of our former Board members). We are proud to have Jeff as chair of our Advisory Committee. His extensive industry experience and support for our association will help lead us through a period of change and refreshment. 

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