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Membership Applications

Please click on the icons below to download the APHA Membership applications

Professional Hunter Membership

The APHA welcomes African Professional Hunters to complete and submit their application. Please click on the icon below.

APHA Full Membership Application prerequisite checklist

Please complete the application in full. 

This application must be accompanied by all relevant supporting documents.

Should any documents requested or required not be submitted within 3 months the application fee will be forfeited and re-application application will be necessary.

APHA is first and foremost a Professional Hunting Association. Applicants should be current and active licensed Professional Hunters.

APHA was founded on the basis that all members will be experienced Dangerous game Professional Hunters. The requirement is a minimum of 5 years experience with at least two of the BIG 5 being hunted per season. The Executive Committee has the right to decide whether the areas and species the applicant hunts in falls within APHA’s “Fair Chase” policy.

The Executive Committee will have the right to request further documentation should they deem it necessary or in certain cases request an interview with an applicant.

APHA will not recognize any applicant that is involved in Captive Bred Predator Hunting or involved in Associations or groups that participate in or condone the hunting of Captive Bred Predators in any shape or form.

All applications must be supported by 3 letters or signatures from existing APHA members.

An applicant will only be recognized by APHA for the countries they are hunting in with a valid Professional Hunting License.

Hunting in the company of another professional Hunter will not be recognized by APHA for membership.

Should an applicant be refused membership due to the Executive Committee deciding they are not yet at the level of experience the APHA considers to be adequate, that applicant will have the opportunity to provide proof of hunting experience over a period of time stipulated by the executive committee.

Professional Hunters with 20 + years of membership with APHA will become Honorary Full Life members and will not have to hunt dangerous game to continue being a member.

An applicant that is accepted will not be a full member until the $500 Life membership fee is paid in full and proof of payment is given to APHA.

Professional Hunter Membership Application

Pledge Membership

(please apply with Full membership application)

Pledge membership category shall be awarded to those who qualify for membership in every aspect, except experience, (conditions apply) on approval they will pledge to conduct themselves in a manner becoming of an APHA member.


PLEDGE MEMBERSHIP guidelines and criteria

  1. Applicant will pay the (one time) $100 application fee.

  2. Should the applicant be accepted as a pledged member, they will pay $50 per year for pledge membership until they qualify for full membership.

  3. After having being accepted as a FULL member the pledge shall pay the FULL membership fee of $500. 

  4. The applicant shall remain a pledged member until after their 3rd full year as a fully licensed PH (all previous years shall go towards their total number of years as a fully licensed PH). I.e. if they are accepted while having already had 2 years’ experience they will only be required to be a pledge for 1 year).

  5. At the end of the 3rd year the pledge will be required to update their application form so as to indicate DG experience gained.

    1. Should the pledge still not have enough DG experience to qualify for full membership refer to “Membership Guidelines/Criteria 2 and 2.1

  6. Pledge members have access to all FULL members benefits, but will have no vote at any AGM or EGA.

Honorary Membership

The APHA welcomes those that love Africa and want to ensure the continuation of ethical Safari hunting in Africa.

Honorary Membership Application

Corporate Membership

                  The African Professional Hunters Association is proud to introduce our new Annual Corporate Membership

Corporate Membership Benefits include:

  • Authorized use of the A.P.H.A. Annual Corporate Member logo

  • One representative may attend any general membership meeting

  • Copied on A.P.H.A. correspondences on current matters regarding African Hunting

  • Access to the Executive Committee

  • A Corporate Member will be closely aligned with the A.P.H.A. so that we may build a strong relationship that is, through closer cooperation, mutually beneficial as we work together to better the future of African hunting and conservation.

The annual Corporate Membership fee is $500.

Corporate Membership Application

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