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Code of Conduct:

APHA members agree to be bound by the association’s code of ethics and code of conduct. 


  1. I will obey the laws of the land pertaining to the Countries in which I operate;

  2. I will not promote myself as a PH, or act in the capacity as a PH, unless legally licensed in that specific African country, region, or province;

  3. I will ensure that my activities and conduct will not bring APHA into disrepute;

  4. I will in no way be involved in, or in any way associated with, the hunting of canned or animals drugged for the purpose of relocation for a hunt, (as a hunter, outfitter guide, breeder, agent, client,) as that violates the principle of fair chase, which I endorse;

  5. I will never participate in the hunting of a lion (or any predator) that was bred and reared in captivity;

  6. I will never be associated as a member or affiliate, or employee of any organisation that condones, or promotes the shooting of captive bred predators;

  7. I will not hunt genetically manipulated game animals;

  8. I will at all times ensure the highest level of honesty, integrity, and transparency in all dealings with clients, at all times;

  9. I will always show the utmost respect for wildlife and the environment, particularly during a hunt;

  10. I will always endeavour to do my utmost to take an animal as decisively as possible;

  11. I will always hunt ethically making sure that the hunt is fair chase, and will abide by moral principles when conducting a safari;

12. I will always hunt sustainably, accepting that the natural resource conservation is dependent on our

      ensuring the sustainability of wildlife, their habitat, and the environment. 


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