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News for our members regarding operations, law changes and other important information.

On January the 8th 2022 during the Dallas Safari Club 40th anniversary gala dinner the President of APHA Mike Angelides delivered the keynote address for the support of the DSC advocacy mission.


Please visit the DSC website to donate to the continued growth of the DSC advocacy department.

To visit the DSC website please click here 

A Message From A.P.H.A.

Please watch this important video from A.P.H.A.

DSC Frontline Foundation

The DSC Frontline Foundation, whose sole mission is to provide financial assistance to professional hunters, outfitters, guides and their staff when they are injured or killed in the line of duty, has included all APHA professional hunter members in this wonderful program. A letter to APHA members is in the link below or for more information, including making a donation, go to

APHA Filming Protocol

Open the attached  pdf. to see the APHA Filming Protocol.

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